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Aug 8, 2009

The Sunday Salon~ Blah and Blah

The Sunday

The Sunday Salon we are supposed to talk about Books. I also use it as a sort of weekly The Burton Review Newsletter type thing where I spout off about whatever I want to since I don't do that at any other point in my regularly scheduled blog programming. Warning.. I'm a rambler.

It's been a loooooong week in the Blogosphere. I was criticized for posting a review on "The White Queen: by Phillippa Gregory.(giveaway ends the 14th). As stated in my review, those who wish for absolute historical accuracy do not enjoy Phillippa Gregory, and because this is FICTION it seriously distorts the facts. So this person left rude comments on that post and enjoyed causing drama in my little blog world. I am so thankful to my circle of blogging pals who backed me up, Thank you so much! That's how my week started and it never slowed down after that. Plus I get to moderate comments now because of her. Such excitement. Anyone want to donate $45 so I can get the ISP Blocker? Didn't think so. But I really wish Blogger would catch up with Wordpress technology some day. I'll just never catch up with wordpress technology which is why I am on blogger.

I got to meet author Mary DeMuth, and I am working on some posts as soon as I get the video uploaded. The posts will be about Mary's path to getting published and she shares her insights in the videos that I hope some of you will come back to watch. I didn't do alot of reading this week but I did read and write a review of sorts on Pride and Prejudice, and I am looking forward to the Austen Sequels!! AND I have a new background as many of you noticed, and I thank everyone for all of their compliments.

One of the highlights of my week was being offered a chance to review a bookshelf for CSN Office Furniture. A fellow friendly blogger hooked me up! See my preview post here. I will probably be getting it by the 13th then I have to set it up, but hopefully I can have a review up of it next Sunday. It'll be fun to see the before and after pics.

Speaking of pics..

Marie's Mess
My hubby has been busy this past month moving bookcases around.. and he dug that little cabinet in the middle there out of our garage. The Question: WHAT am I going to put on there? Any Ideas?! Obviously, more books is NOT the answer when over in that far corner on the floor is a box of a new bookcase that doesn't have a need to be assembled yet. So it's fine sitting there waiting for when I have the need for it. (Incidentally, I have two of my favorite bookcases in my bedroom).

Help me think of something to put on that silly cabinet!! I am still trying to get everything organized over there and get it more decorative, but that cabinet thing is just throwing me off. I can put a basket of greenery on there, but we have like 8 baskets of greenery in the kitchen and I am kind of done with that. So think of me and my cabinet when you are in a creative mood and are exploring the internet.

That's about it.. been feeling a little yucky ~ again ~ so I have another doctor's appointment Wednesday afternoon. And just the summer mayhem has started to wear me thin, I am looking forward to the leaves changing!

OH and also this busy week I got myself a new fence =) And the neighbor girl still climbs it..

Ollie & Morgan Hugging