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About Marie and the blog

I'm a transplanted Texas gal who's been married since 1998, mom to two gorgeous kiddos  brats and an adorably cuddly skanky cat. And fish.

This site's domain has been changed a few times but in July 2021 reverted back to blogspot because who knew that would be the most reliable.

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My bookish tidbits and advice to authors promoting their work can be found at this interview located at Mary Tod's blog, A Writer of History

My primary purpose of the blog was a social tool - but was just meant to be a distraction at first. I found like-minded readers in the blogosphere, I chatted with them and created my own blog to discuss those Tudors that I was learning and obsessing about.

It was a much different book blogging world in 2008 and 2009 - not too many of us out there, yet there were folks that had caught the blogging bug way before me. I made some online relationships that are precious to me. And then facebook hit and the social storm as a whole.. In 2013 I grew weary of being another random blog stop on blog tours etc. The same book over and over on every blog was just not what I intended to be a part of.

I have always been a non-conformist, and never have learned to keep my mouth shut about stupid things and in the interest of mental health I slowed down my blogging a lot by 2015. The blog archive widget shows how many posts I created each year. 2017 was a non-existent year for me due to a very intense house move. The plus is that I finally was able to figure out how to manage my review pile: be non-existent! Who knew?!

Please realize my reviews are honest and are my own even if they are not spectacular essays or properly worded works of art. This is a hobby that I choose to partake in when I feel like it. I am not a professional reader. I am not a professional writer. Nor do I want to be regardless of my childish dreams inspired by Louisa May Alcott (though I dabbled because I was once a glutton for books) as a sometimes reviewer for the Historical Novels Review  and Library Journal.

Here is a list of my reviews published to date, with their ratings and links to the review but still needs to be updated for 2017 onwards.  (Not going to happen, evverrrr)  You sometimes can find me on Goodreads talking about books as I participate and host group reads featuring authors like Jean Plaidy and Anya Seton - mostly hosting a summer read along at a Goodreads group site. I might change this to host on my own Facebook page instead. (*Secret group on FB is how I roll in 2018+).

February 2013

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 if you are an author or publicist. I appreciate my readers, my followers, and my fellow bloggers.. but most of all the authors and publicists that have provided me with the fantastic books that I have read thus far!
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