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The Tudor Mania Challenge

This was the "main landing page" post for the first Tudor Mania Challenge!
Starts May 1, 2010 and MckLinky comment form ends on July 31 at midnight CST. Each eligible MckLinky entry counts as one. Links will always be up, hopefully, for Tudor readers to peruse in the future.

This Challenge was for new Tudor reviews for any new or old Tudor books participants reviewed in May, June and July 2010. The Tudor Mania Challenge includes both non-fiction and fictional books set between 1485 and 1603, in England. Reviews must be around 300 words or more in length (to make sure everyone is playing fair). EDIT to add certain books regarding the end of Edward IV's reign are acceptable, as some contain a lot of the beginnings of the Tudor Dynasty such as Edmund and Jasper Tudor. For example, To the Tower Born by Robin Maxwell is allowed, as well as the upcoming release of The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory.
Audio books/E-Books are welcome. The fun part of this is to see everyone's reviews and find new books and blogs to read.

At the end of the challenge, I chose the member of the challenge who reviewed the most Tudor books in the Challenge Period (May through July) winning a book prize of their choice up to $15 in value from The Book Depository since that is FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. That way, International Readers joined in the LinkFest and compete for the prize. I also had a second and third prize of lesser value, to be determined.
Also, there is an interesting interview here that I posted with author Jeane Westin regarding Elizabeth I's relationship with Robert Dudley and other topics.

Use the normal blog comment form for questions or issues, or to say if you plan on participating! Suggest your favorite Tudor reads! Grab the button and post on your sidebar, and spread the word!
Please visit these Reviews when you are in the need for another Tudor-themed Read! 
The RESULTS of the Challenge can be found here with this post, but the short version is:

The Burton Review: 6 books
Living and Loving in California: 5 books.. Cortney chose The King's Grace as her prize
Bippity Boppity Books: 5 books.. Holly chose Elizabeth & Leicester as her prize
Lady Gwyn's Kingdom: 4 books 4 books
Book Addiction: 3 books
Enchanted By Josephine: 1 book
Stiletto Storytime: 1 book
Historically Obsessed: 1 book

Thanks to everyone who participated!!!!

  1. Secrets of the Tudor Court (The Burton Review)
  2. Secrets of the Tudor Court (Historical Fiction. com)
  3. A Favorite of the Queen(The Lady Gwyns Kingdom)
  4. The Tudor Rose (Bippity Boppity Book)
  5. All The Queens Players by Jane Feather (The Burton Review)
  6. The Last Wife of Henry VIII by Carolly Erickson at Stiletto Storytime
  7. Young Bess by Margaret Irwin (Book Addiction)
  8. No Will But His (Enchanted by Josephine)
  9. To the Tower Born by Robin Maxwell(Living and Loving in california)
  10. The Royal Road to Fotheringhay by Jean Plaidy (Historically Obsessed)
  11. Between Two Queens by Kate Emerson (Living & Loving in California)
  12. A Favorite of the Queen by Jean Plaidy (Historical-Fiction. com)
  13. The Kings Fool (Bippity Boppity Book)
  14. Roanoke by Margaret Lawrence (Bippity Boppity Book)
  15. Six Wives by David Starkey
  1. The Kings Secret Matter by Jean Plaidy
  2. The 6 Wives by Loades(The Burton Review)
  3. The Tudor Queens of England by David Loades (Living and Loving in California)
  4. Secrets of the Tudor Court (The Lady Gwyns Kingdom)
  5. The White Queen by Philippa Gregory (Living and Loving in California)
  6. The Secret Confessions of Anne Shakespeare (Historical-Fiction. com)
  7. Jane Seymour: H8s True Love by Norton (The Burton Review)
  8. The Dark Rose: Morland Dynast #2 by Eages (The Burton Review)
  9. The Red Queen, The Lady Gwyns Kingdom
  10. The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory (Historical-Fiction. com)
  11. His Last Letter by Westin (The Burton Review)
  12. To Hold the Crown (The Lady Gwyns Kingdom)
  13. The Lady in the Tower: The Fall of Anne Boleyn (Bippity Boppity Book)
  14. I, Elizabeth (Bippity Boppity Book)
  15. The Other Tudors (Living and Loving in Califonia)
  16. This linky list is now closed.