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Burton Book Review Policy

Please do not ever email me about blog sponsorship, link exchanges, marketing type of guest posts from miscellaneous online promo companies, etc. I AM NOT INTERESTED IF YOU THINK YOU CAN FIX ERRORS IN MARKETING.

I read and review as time permits. There used to be a large long-winded policy here, but after many years of  running this site, I realized it was not necessary as you will still contact me regardless if I list my likes and dislikes.

There is a very large chance I will not respond to your email about your book, please do not take it personally.

The Disclosure for the FTC:
I disclose in each of my reviews the source of my books. Unless they come with a really large stash of cash. Cuz I would NOT turn cash away at all. Since I KNOW there are TONS of authors out there who are SO rich that they would love to pay me money for a five star review. Totally.

 Update for 2015:
The Resolution.. epiphany

Update for 2016:
Reading my own books this year for reals! ZERO review books for 2016, nothing to see here, move along!

Update for 2018:
I am reading what I want to read and only posting about it if I want to.