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May 28, 2014

Scandal At Almack's by Gloria Gay

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Scandal At Almack's (A Regency Romance Novella) by Gloria Gay
Boroughs Publishing Group, April 25, 2014
36,000 words ebk. 978-1-941260-15-9 
Regency/Historical Romance
Review copy provided by publisher in exchange for Library Journal Xpress review

Her uncle's timely offer of a London social season leads Jenny Longtree out of a forced marriage but into a scandalous dance--one that will not only save her family from destitution but deliver all of her heart's desires.THE WALTZGenevieve Longtree finally understood why, for years after it was introduced, this particular dance was considered immoral in England and forbidden in most ballrooms: It was dangerous. The moment Lord Corville placed his left hand on the small of her back she felt something ignite in her body. They two might just as well have been dancing naked, for that was how Jenny felt in his arms. What happened next was even more scandalous. It would call into question the wisdom of her mother for allowing her a London season despite her penurious circumstances, the last-minute choice of Almack’s Patronesses, the loyalty of her few friends, and the belief of Jenny herself that Lord Corville was the answer to all her dreams and prayers.- See more at:

Settle in for a charming rags to riches novella generously infused with true tones of the Regency era. Jenny Longtree travels to London for an unexpected treat to a season of balls sponsored by her uncle (in spite of the miserly aunt's misgivings). Upon meeting the dashing Lord Corville at the exclusive Almack's establishment, Jenny's otherwise dim future immediately brightens - if only she can wiggle her way out of another's grasp.

As a novella, the story is forced to cut corners such as possible romance scenes, but this helps the charm of the novella as well. The intriguing characters combined with a witty writing style make up for a somewhat predictable plot, while the historical setting portrayed itself very well. I would have enjoyed these characters in a full length novel with some added romantic nuances, but overall Scandal At Almack's is a novella that could easily be recommended to Regency lovers.

May 14, 2014

Petals on the Wind coming to a TV near you!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Once upon a time I was a teenager of the eighties. And that meant V.C. Andrews and her famous Flowers in The Attic series. Last year a fellow blogger reminded me of one of her other novels that I remember loving, so I had re-read My Sweet Audrina when I was on a medical leave. It was perfect timing.. and now after the success of Lifetime's made for TV movie Flowers in the Attic we will soon have another devilish treat with the next installment! Here is some promo material provided by the publicist:

FICTION INTO FILM: Pick up Petals on the Wind May 20th and watch the movie May 26th!

WATCH: The movie trailer, and tune in to Lifetime on  Monday, May 26th, 9:00 pm ET to watch the World Premier of Petals on the Wind!

ENTER TO WIN: Go to the Pocket Books Facebook page beginning May 20th to enter the sweepstakes for a prize pack of Flowers in the Attic and Petals on the Wind, and the Flowers in the Attic DVD.  Visit right before tuning into Petals on the Wind late May for the sweepstakes giveaway (date to be announced)!

Petals on the Wind cast:
Heather Graham                as Corrine
Ellen Burstyn                      as Olivia
Dylan Bruce                       as Bart
Rose McIver                       as Young Cathy (played by Kiernan Shipka in Flowers in the Attic)
Wyatt Nash                        as Christopher (played by Mason Dye in Flowers in the Attic)

And check out this new modern cover from Pocket Books! It is available May 20, 2014. 

Will you be watching? Do you have memories of reading V.C. Andrews? What was your favorite novel or series? I really enjoyed My Sweet Audrina, and I remember once reading at least some of The Casteel Series. I wonder if I would still enjoy those as well. 

May 12, 2014

In The Shadow of Jezebel by Mesu Andrews

Monday, May 12, 2014

A wonderful biblical retelling

In The Shadow of Jezebel (Treasure of His Love #4) by Mesu Andrews
Revell, March 4, 2014
Biblical Fiction, 412 pages
Review copy provided via NetGalley, thank you!
Burton Book Review Rating: 4.5 stars

Princess Jehosheba wants nothing more than to please the harsh and demanding Queen Athaliah, daughter of the notorious Queen Jezebel. Her work as a priestess in the temple of Baal seems to do the trick. But when a mysterious letter from the dead prophet Elijah predicts doom for the royal household, Jehosheba realizes that the dark arts she practices reach beyond the realm of earthly governments. To further Athaliah and Jezebel's strategies, she is forced to marry Yahweh's high priest and enters the unfamiliar world of Yahweh's temple. Can her new husband show her the truth and love she craves? And can Jehosheba overcome her fear and save the family--and the nation--she loves?

For lovers of biblical fiction, Mesu Andrews' book on the declining era of David's descendants is sure to enthrall. It is filled with the wicked ways of pagan worshippers and how the Almighty works in mysterious ways. This story focuses on a "Queen of Destiny", Sheba, as she is used by Jezebel and her daughter Athaliah to carry out deeds in honor of their idol Baal. The young woman grows from a young selfish girl to a true worshipper of Yahweh, and manages to save the line of David in spite of the demands of the wicked Athaliah.

Sheba was meant to become a spy in Yahweh's temple when she married the new priest - to be used as a tool to enact destruction and cause mistrust among the temple worshippers. Instead, Sheba falls in love with her husband and their love serves as a beacon of hope among a sea of bloody revenge and greedy pagans. It is a well plotted story with chapters that quote scripture to help us realize where we are in the Holy Bible's timeline of Chronicles and Kings as it puts the history into context while filling in many blanks. 

In the Shadow of Jezebel offers love, friendship, adventure, drama and intrigue set against political and religious maneuverings with a very worthy heroine in Jehosheba. Her character was put forth swell with flaws and realistic fears during her journey towards learning of Yahweh's merciful power; her patient husband another admirable character who would defend the temple and his family with equal zeal; with her brother Hazi as her charming defender but sadly still under his wicked mother's thumb.

While this is a book #4 in a series, the novels stand alone. I will not hesitate to pick up all of Mesu Andrews' novels, and will recommend her to all those who thirst for more knowledge regarding the bible's key figures as well as introducing us to those we will be eager to learn more about.

May 1, 2014

Wind Raven (Agents of the Crown #3) by Regan Walker

Thursday, May 01, 2014
Adventure and romance on the high seas!

Wind Raven (Agents of the Crown #3) by Regan Walker
Boroughs Publishing Group (March 10, 2014)
ebook, 250 pages
Review copy provided by publisher in exchange for review in Library Journal Xpress
Burton Book Review Rating: 4 stars

A British privateer and an American hoyden clash on the high seas as they tangle with a notorious pirate…and attempt to resist the rising tide of passion between them.


Ordered by the Prince Regent into the Caribbean, English sea captain and former privateer Jean Nicholas Powell has no time for women aboard the Wind Raven, especially not Tara McConnell. The impudent American demanded passage, and so she’ll get more than she bargained for: Instead of a direct sail to Baltimore, she’ll join his quest to investigate and neutralize the rampaging pirate Roberto Cofresi.

But the hoyden thinks she can crew with his men! And though Nick bans her from the rigging he is captivated watching her lithe, luscious movements on deck. Facing high seas, storms, cutthroats and the endless unknown, he must always protect his ship, his passengers, his crew. But on this voyage, with this woman, there is a greater danger: to his heart.

Wind Raven is the heroic English Captain Nick's famous ship that American Tara McConnell finds herself making the long journey home on. She doesn't like the British ton or their fancy balls, she doesn't like the British due to the recent War of 1812 despite their new alliance, but she does like ships and sailing the ocean blue. As she dons her breeches and falls in step helping Nick's crew with their chores, the captain admires her from afar until the romance slowly heats up aboard the ship. Meanwhile, the pirate Roberto Cofresi spots Tara and wants her for himself but he'd have to win her from Nick first.

With plenty of adventure and great storytelling this third book of the Agents of the Crown series hits the mark for a quick thrill on the high-seas, though perhaps tenuously held together in a slightly too convenient plot. Can easily be read as a stand-alone, the novel easily evokes the era and the extensive author's note was appreciated.