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Aug 16, 2009

CSN Office Furniture: Review of Bookcase

I just put together the bookcase I chose to review for CSN Office Furniture, your one stop shop for all of your office needs whether it is storage or decorative items; CSN Office Furnitureyou'll find it at the website at CSN Office Furniture which sells everything from home office furniture to office accessories.

It took about an hour or so to put together, and the pieces of wood were all in good shape except for a tiny denting which was thankfully in the back of the top shelf.
The screwing in the screws with the supplied hex wrench was a bit rough on the hands, and a bit too late I raided my husband's tool chest for the Allen wrenches which would have made the whole thing a lot easier.

I am happy with the product and I would recommend it, and there are matching pieces that coordinate with this as well. The one I chose is a Wide Two-Shelf, there is also a skinnier Two-Shelf and Wide Three-Shelf system.

Please take a look at my video above and see the before and after of finished product!
My new bookcase from CSN Office Furniture
It was great fun spending girl time with the daughter putting this together, and she helped out when my hand just couldn't take any more abuse! And remember there is FREE Shipping in the USA! Thank you to the great people at CSN Office Furniture for this great review opportunity!
CSN Office Furniture:The Best Selection of Office Furniture Online

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