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Aug 6, 2009

I Met an Author & I Have a New Background!!

Author Mary E. DeMuth (Wishing on Dandelions, Daisy Chain) had a speaking engagement at our local library this evening for which I had the pleasure of attending and filming. She is a very sweet lady, a mom, and an inspiration to us all. She loves giving out trade secrets on how to get published!
Today she had the gift of the first-hot-off-the-press copy of her very own book sent to her.. coming October 1 is A Slow Burn (Defiance Texas Trilogy, Book 2) and I got to touch this very first finished copy of the book! She shared so many goodies with us, I appreciate all the effort she puts forth to help others. Thank you Mary, for your wonderful insights!

Tonight she spoke of the certain do's and don'ts of the novice wanna-be-author. I am working on a full series of posts regarding this, so I am not at all prepared right now. I mention this prematurely only for those that were at the event and are looking for the video on how to get published by Mary DeMuth. (In the meantime you can visit Mary at The Writing Spa).
The video needs to be uploaded etc, but I wanted to say that you have come to the right place! If you would like for me to email you specifically when I begin my posts on Mary DeMuth please just leave a comment here with your email address and I will let you know when it is ready to go.

If you are a regular.. what do you think of my new Background? It used to be the Clover Vineyard style from the free backgrounds Gallery at The Cutest Blog on The Block, but I needed to do something that was unique to my blog only and not seen anywhere else!
I fuddy duddied with a background all last weekend, trying to make my own and get it uploaded properly and it was just centering a small version of it. I got frustrated and had the design team at The Cutest Blog on The Block design me my own Ivy Green and Cream background. So that way I can still use all my old tags/graphics and not have a total change to my blog. I liked the old one too, I just needed one that was MINE ;)
So what do you think? There is that red X there in the left corner, which I have just emailed them about to see if they can do something with that. Other than that, I'm happy. Did you see the cool little swirls by the sidebar titles? They did that too!
They are awesome! You can find their custom Blog design section of their site here. You can pick and choose all the different things that you need a change on, including a three column layout.. did you notice that change too? I love the fact that thy just go in and change all this for you, and the correspondence has been smooth. I ordered it on Monday.. and boom 99% done on Thursday.. just waiting on that red X to go away!