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May 11, 2009

Review: "Wild Highland Magic" by Kendra Leigh Castle

"Wild Highland Magic" by Kendra Leigh Castle

Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca (May 1, 2009)
ISBN-10: 1402218567
The Burton Review Rating = 3.75

"Wild Highland Magic" is actually the third book by Kendra Leigh Castle along these same lines of sexy shifters of werewolves and sorceresses. I see your raised eyebrows. Keep reading. I myself do not typically (have not ever) read paranormal romances. But I have broadened my horizons and I am glad I did. Featuring your predictable love story it is told with a unique setting and circumstances, obviously unlike anything I've ever read before. Instead of getting turned off by the fantasy worlds I was quite absorbed. First off let me explain that there is no gore, bloody stuff which some may think of when they hear of 'paranormal'. There is nothing here to be afraid of.

This novel is focused on the romance that immediately occurs between Catriona, a woman who has the ability to shape into a werewolf, and Bastian, who is a sexy mysterious powerful mix of man and magician. He can jump worlds. (I just wanted to see myself write that phrase with all seriousness.) Oh and he can make water move. But Sexy Bastian is lugging around the Family Curse, aka a vicious shadow who swears to eat him up and whoever loves him as it has done to generations before him. Catriona's family of werewolves get involved in trying to save Bastian and Catriona from dragons and evil shadows with a fight to the death. Their attraction is extreme and that's where some of the 'bodice-ripper' stereotypical scenes come in, and it gets hot and heavy a few times. Mini sub-plots occur with Cat's family members with love affairs and secrets, and the actual magic itself which were all entertaining. The main characters are appealing and the dialogue is modern and witty. I enjoyed the paranormal factors more then I expected I would, some of the magic described was wonderful to imagine. One drawback is the non-development of the character of Cat's father. I kept expecting more to be said about him with insight into his secrets and personal life. And although this is set in Scotland, there isn't a lot of "Scottish" characterizations except for kilts at a gathering... and then the other settings are indeed out of this world.

After getting halfway through the book is when I realized that were two books before that focused on some of the same characters, but knowing that did not detract from the current plot. I will just have to go hunting for those other two. On Kendra's site there is a summary of the books and how they relate to one another. This is a great summer read, this came out May 1 in paperback for a great price, so you really can't go wrong. I know some readers will balk at the phrase paranormal romance, as I have done myself, but I recommend this one for anyone who wants to let go of the typical romance and go for a ride on the other side where demons and love at first sight mixes into an uncommonly great story. I definitely believe that Paranormal Romance Readers will love it. Overall a good ride, and I enjoyed it.

Kendra Castle's books: 'Call of The Highland Moon' released 5/2008, and 'Dark Highland Fire' released 10/2008, and the new one releases May 1st available here on Amazon.

Please stay tuned for Kendra's Guest Post that she has graciously agreed to adorn my blog with, which occurs May 12th. I will then be hosting a giveaway for an unread copy of the ARC and a new copy of this release from the publisher! But you have to participate during the May 12th event :)