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Jun 25, 2009

Booking Through Thursday - Unique Sorting

Booking Through Thursday is hosted by Deb; Deb says:
Browsing through my blog, I found a link to this post about the “Sorted Book Project.” Go read it. I’ll wait.
The idea is to take a few books and physically sort them in such a way that the titles make some kind of sense … something that I’ve never quite gotten around to doing and photographing, but which fascinates me.
What title/combinations can you come up with? (Bonus points if you actually assemble the books and photograph them, like in the original post.)
I would never do that type of sorting since that type of sorting does not make any sense to me.
The sorting I have right now for the three different bookcases are:
Bookcase one: 2 shelves in my bedroom- these are must reads on the Tudor and Wars of the Roses. All different authors, mostly hardcovers.
Bookcase two: Large case in Foyer- top shelf for ARC/Must Review. Below that are 52 Jean Plaidy's and assorted books along with a bottom shelf for the kids.
Bookcase three: Large case in Hallway-Chronologically ordered from Arthurian Legend to Medieval Era, to Tudor Era, to French Revolution and Marie Antoinette.
Bottom shelves are general fiction and a few self-help type.
That's my sorting. I must have a correct time-frame sorting of some type or I would freak out. Since I am not at home, no pictures for you. This was a kind of lame answer because I did not answer the question properly but I must get to work now :)