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Apr 24, 2009

Friday Fill-In and Wrap Up and 500th Anniversary

Happy Friday everyone!! What a week... and today is going to prove to be a busy one for me (at least I won't be bored right?) But nothing about the word Audit is pretty. On to the much better topic of Blogging Biz of The Day.. we go!

1. Apparently there's some sort of rebellion against orderly conduct at my house.
2. Let's hope tomorrow is a sunny day.
3. 2009 is looking encouraging so far.
4.Our feet sunk further in the mud and that was it.
5. For too long I've been neglecting my household duties, but I'd rather read.
6. I am not obsessed with Paperbackswap; I am not!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to resting my tired eyes, tomorrow my plans include getting windblown at Grandma's and Sunday, I want to do nothing but I somehow need to get AT LEAST the top layer of miscellaneous Toddler Toys off the floors!
:: The Burton Review News::
Ok, now for my Tidbits of Blogging World..
Please stop by the author interview for Robin Kaye that we completed this week, along with the review of her latest release "Too Hot To Handle" which hits stores May 1st.
April 27 is going to be "The Noticer" Review, Blog Tour with all sorts of positive feelings.. the 5 people who helped encourage me along the way are detailed here.

April 27 is also the "Follow Me" blog tour, by Joanna Scott, with a lot of great blogs participating and a giveaway here for 3 copies of the book, courtesy again of Hachette Books. This book released April 22nd. Please stop by, as many of you may have read the book I would love to know how we differ in our opinions on the book.

For the month of May I will be hosting a few more giveaways courtesy of Hachette, so be sure to check in if you are interested.
May 5th I will have the author of "The Last Queen" here, C.W. Gortner
May 12 there will be a new Guest Post here by author Kendra Leigh Castle, author of "Wild Highland Magic" releases May 2009.
::Henry VIII News:::

This week was also the 500th Anniversary of Henry VIII's Accession to Throne of England (April 22, 1509). And what a reign he had. All the lucky people living across the pond will be treated to many events to commemorate the anniversary. Henry was born at Greenwich Palace and Mary I and Elizabeth I, were born and christened there; there is an interesting article about it here. I wonder how Englishmen truly react to Henry VIII, since he did change the course of history for them in more ways then one. Is he esteemed? Is he ridiculed?
A Henry VIII tapestry is going on display, with the 'virtual restoration' of a tapestry that was at Hampton Court 500 years ago.
And finally, there are selections from Henry VIII's love letters to Anne Boleyn which were found in the Vatican library. A shame we do not have Anne's responses. But wonderful to read these letters by the smitten Henry!
Alas, what shall I do for love?
Alas, what shall I do for love?
For love, alas, what shall I do?
Since now so kind I do you find To kepe you me unto.
Alasse! (A poem by our Henry)

More information on the letter that is on display by The British Library Exhibition can be found at The

And the crazy show "The Tudors" has been picked up for a Fourth Season. I caught about a half-hour of the show the other day and I just can't ease into it without knowing who is who. The toddler chatter in the background drowns out the English accents and I can't concentrate. And I think if I want to watch it I will have to start from the beginning to do it justice.

What Henry VIII news do you have? What are your plans for the weekend?